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Outdoor Lounger Bed?? Napping Outside... how sweet

So... what if you could roll your exquisite, supremely comfortable full or queen size lounger bed from your den out on to the deck and sleep outside? Would that be sweet? Hear the birds chirping, the breeze rustling in the leaves, and feel the fresh summer air on your skin.  You could even keep it in the gazebo on rainy days... or every day.



Delivering Cushions in our 1983 Porsche 911SC

Porsche Delivery 3500
On our way to a photo shoot of an outdoor Loveseat Bed and outdoor Scandia Chair Bed. The sunbrella box cushions fit ... well... perfectly in the white Porsche 911 SC.

Napping outside

ScandiaSofaLake 2    ScandiaSofaLake 15

I think that napping comfortably outside on a convertible futon has to be one of the all-time luxuries. Whether its a Sunday afternoon or a lazy day of your vacation or stay-cation, dreaming and snoozing resets your inner systems like nothing else. You owe it to yourself!!!

Not only do JustLeanBack individual designs shift their shape from seating to sleeping positions, they combine with each other to make larger units.... let your imagination roll and GO RECONFIGURE!

Piping for a more tailored look.

Our customer requested piping on the box cushions of their Scandia Sofa. It renders a tailored and polished styling. What is also cool about this piece, is that, even though it is an indoor convertible sofabed, for a guest room specifically, the fabric is an outdoor fabric. This will make clean-up easy... especially after the grandchildren's visit is over. And especially if they were treated to sodas, pop-corn and pizza! BTW... the fabric is an OUTDURA fabric... specifically RUMOR GERANIUM  #6671. It has a nubby texture. You would never know it is an outdoor fabric (until you spill something on it... ooops!)



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